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Friedrich Hoyler, Board member

Friedrich Hoyler obtained his PhD in nuclear physics (University Tübingen) in 1982. He was responsible at the high flux reactor of the Institut-Laue-Langevin (ILL) Grenoble, for high resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy (1982 to 1987). He received his Habilitation at the University of Tübingen in experimental physics (gamma-ray spectroscopy and inelastic alpha-scattering) (1987 to 1994). He is currently employed as a Lecturer at Aachen University of Applied Sciences (AcUAS) for physics, nuclear physics, radiation detection and measurement having started in 1994 and from that date he was appointed RPO, equivalent to the RPE according to German legislation, at AcUAS.

Professor Hoyler was appointed as the head of the “Kursstätte für Strahlenschutz an der FH Aachen” in 1998, providing radiation protection courses according to the German legislation for future RPOs (RPEs) in the areas of medicine, industry, and research. He is a member of the examination board for radiation protection personnel in nuclear installations (Strahlenschutzfachkraft  IHK) and a Member of the German radiation protection association.

The “Kursstätte” is a founding member of the QSK, through which Friedrich was nominated to the EUTERP Board in 2016.