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Welcome to the homepage of the EUTERP Foundation.  This website is intended to provide a resource for anybody involved or interested in radiation protection training and education in Europe.  It contains information on national training requirements, legislation, upcoming events, courses and news items.

Objectives of the EUTERP Foundation

The platform for European Training and Education in Radiation Protection (EUTERP), originally an initiative of the European Commission, was transformed into a legal entity as a Foundation under Dutch law in June 2010.

The objectives of the Foundation are:

  • to encourage and support harmonization of education and training requirements for RPEs, RPOs and radiation workers, facilitating the mobility of these professionals;
  • to promote the integration of radiation protection education and training systems into general vocational training and education infrastructures; and
  • to act as a central focus for the sharing of information on training events, standards, developments, and all other related information.

The EUTERP Foundation aims to facilitate information exchange between all stakeholders in education and training in radiation protection through:

Education and training of Radiation Protection Experts (RPEs) and Radiation Protection Officers (RPOs)

In Europe a clear vision for the required competences in radiation protection for RPEs and RPOs is emerging and efforts are being focused on developing and promoting a consistent approach to the training and development of persons who are going to carry out these roles.  The EUTERP Foundation is closely involved with activities in this area and will keep you informed through the Newsletters and updates on the website.

National contact points (NCPs) and Associates

The NCPs play an important role in the EUTERP Foundation. They disseminate information at the national level and keep EUTERP and its Associates informed about national regulatory requirements, national certification schemes for RPEs, RPOs and workers, etc. The names and contact details for the NCPs can be found under National Information.


Our Associates