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The EUTERP Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors, who donate their time to carry out the legal duties required for the running of the Foundation. The EUTERP Board has up to eight members, who are nominated and elected by the Associates. It holds two formal meetings per year and also holds regular informal teleconference meetings to discuss progress of the EUTERP work programme. The Foundation Articles require the Board to have, at least, a Chairperson (President), Secretary and Treasurer, and specifies the duties of the Board members. 

In the column on your left you will find listed the current membership of the EUTERP Foundation Board, with links to their biographies.

Reports published by the Board are available on request to the Secretary.



The EUTERP Board in 2022, from left to right, Folkert Draaisma, Michèle Coeck, Hielke Freerk Boersma, Francesco D'Errico, Joanne Stewart, Julie Lucey, Jan-Willem Vahlbruch and Susana Falcón.
 Attention! Nominations to the EUTERP Board

At the end of 2023,  two Board Members  will come to end of their current terms of office resulting in two vacancies on the Board.   Consequently, there is a call for nominations for Board membership with a deadline 15 February 2024Any Associate wishing to nominate a Board member is invited to use the nomination form, or to contact the for a copy of the procedure and nomination form. 
If there are more than two nominations, there will be a subsequent election to select from the nominees.